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  2. Thank you very much !
  3. heavycrew

    If you are talking about NAPS AVC then the choice is there are only 3 anyway... Its really easy with the choice of 2 in reality. The reality is you want any significant growth you want to consider to take any funds out of Short Dated Gilts fund as its guaranteed to never go down but it does not grow much either. That leaves only 2 left. IF you do not want any risk then choose Equity Biased Fund this is also guaranteed to never go down in value but usually outperforms SDG. IF you want risk then only Mixed Portfolio Fund remains, this can go down and up with the markets. I remember writing on the old forum about all into EBF as the markets were in a mess, but when are they not right LOL, so use your common sense. If you are close to retirement then move out of MPF into EBF. If you feel you are middle of the road and you are say 5 years from retirement then a balance of the two. BAPP however is a real pension and I do a portfolio service for BAPP where I explain how all BA pensions differ and how it all works do a face to face meeting to sort your risk levels and then send you a risk appropriate portfolio for BAPP for a one off £175. BUT if its NAPS AVC then frankly its much more straight forward so I am sure you can do yourself from this post. If not I will let you know what NAPS AVC investment balance you need along with BAPP portfolio within the £175 one off service, I am sure everyone who reads this is happy with the instructions though and its not like I need the work, so think about it carefully. IF you are risk averse then you can't go wrong with 100% in EBF. Hope this helps Smithie.
  4. Hi Lucy, you don’t need to move it, thanks. I understand it’s a question for a financial adviser to answer. I just remembered & read a thread from a few years ago about AVC ‘s & which one each used. I was interested what everyone was doing now with theirs.
  5. LucySkyWalker

    I know you're asking for thoughts but I really think that's a question for a financial adviser? I wouldn't have the foggiest and everyone's circumstances are different, but maybe someone will have some ideas. You do know this bit is open to non-members? I can move it if you want.
  6. I have roughly 10 years left to work - which is the best fund for AVC’s to be in, in this current climate - any thoughts please? Thank you
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